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  • Bougie Perks

    If you're bougie and you know it, these perks are for you.

    Our nieces meeting the alpacas across the street

    Pack Less!

    We include as many amenities as we can to make you feel at home, to ease your travels, and to add value to your stay: beach tags, beach chairs, beach towels, all bed and bath linens, even ice packs and bug spray. Most vacation rentals in Cape May County do not offer these items.

    7 Mile Island Massage


    What could be more bougie than getting a massage without leaving the house? 7 Mile Island Massage is offering our guests an exclusive special rate. Just fill in the contact form below and we'll arrange the rest. Your massage therapist will be right with you.

    Bougie Beach Bums farm fresh eggs

    Fresh Eggs

    While our hens are laying, we're glad to share their eggs with you. Check the fridge for a fresh stash. Our girls lay eggs in a variety of sizes and colors, all with super saturated yolks. Taste the difference! Our eggs are fetched by Zissou and therefore extra special.

    Our nieces meeting the alpacas across the street

    Alpaca Farm

    Directly across the street from us is an alpaca farm that will delight anyone and everyone. This family operation is run by our lovely neighbor Annie, and is open by appointment only (closed Saturday). Let us know if you'd like more info below and we'll hook you up.

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