• Meet our hens

    We have thirteen hens which we've raised since they were hatchlings. They used to fall asleep in our palms and perch on our toes.


    If you spend enough time with them, you'll notice each chick has her own personality. Dijon is most naughty. Aloette is small but mighty. Soma is most camera shy. Odile is a queen. They are all friendly.

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  • Odile

    Blue Black Splash Andalusian


     Easter Egger Bantam


    Silver Cuckoo Maran


    Easter Eggers

  • No dogs at Cluckingham Palace

    Because our hens grew up with our dog, Zissou, they are not as cautious around dogs as they naturally should be. We absolutely cannot allow any dogs into the chicken enclosure. Thank you for respecting this rule.