• The Kitchen

    Our kitchen is spacious and old-timey. It's all about a slower pace of life at Bougie Beach Bums.

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    • Toaster
    • Electric kettle
    • Mini food processor with whisk attachment
    • Gas range with oven
    • Laundry washer & dryer (plus line dry outside)
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    • Cooking utensils, pots and pans, bakeware, BBQ tools
    • Cutting boards, chef's knives, measuring spoons and cups
    • Can opener, wine opener, scissors
    • Whisk, box grater, vegetable peeler
    • Serveware, dinnerware, cutlery, kid-friendly plates
    • Drinkware, mugs
    • Cocktail shaker
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    • Olive oil
    • Red wine vinegar
    • Salt, black pepper, sugar
    • Instant coffee, tea
    • Dish detergent, laundry detergent